Discount Tire Den is happy to extend additional savings to our partners needing daily single use items as part of the service experience. Our products are sourced from high quality suppliers, and restocked consistently to ensure our customers are never without an option when they need it. Volume discounts are available!

Disposable Steering Wheel Covers

  • Double elastic steering wheel cover
  • Fits steering wheels up to 17", 1 mil
  • Fits virtually all passenger and light truck applications
  • Single use steering wheel covers avoid transferring dirt and oil from one car to another during routine services
  • Packaged 250/bag

Disposable Gear Shift Covers

  • Each cover measures 5" x 14" - large enough to cover any gear shift on the market. Don't settle for small sized covers
  • Show your customers that cleanliness is a top priority.
  • Protect against the spread of dirt, grime, oil, grease, and disease.
  • Packaged 500/bag

Disposable Floor Mats

  • Egg crate design that will help contain water and debris.
  • Water absorbent paper sheets. Coated for durability.
  • Will not easily self-destruct like most non-corrugated paper floor mats.
  • Use these mats while servicing customer's cars
  • Packaged 500/box

Disposable Car Seat Covers

  • Waterproof disposable plastic seat cover, you never have to worry about water getting your seat wet.
  • The disposable car seat covers fit most Vehicle including commercials. The seat cover is ideal for use by mechanics, valets, body shops to protect the seats when working on their cars.
  • The seat cover protector is made of plastic material, durable and lightweight and foldable, quite easy to carry and storage.
  • Packaged 100/box

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